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What requirements should be met for greenhouse engineering construction

Farmers inGreenhouse EngineeringBefore the construction, it is necessary to determine the construction site, choose the appropriate attention, and easy to manage and maintain the site for construction. Secondly, in the construction of money we also need to prepare in advance some of the materials needed for construction, to avoid affecting the progress of greenhouse shed construction.

With the development of agriculture, nowadays, more and more friends like to use greenhouse shed to plant. The emergence of greenhouse shed construction not only liberates farmers ' friends, but also allows people to eat crops in other seasons in the season, although the advantages of greenhouse engineering construction are relatively many, but also in the construction of some matters of concern.

In the construction of greenhouse, we need to ensure that the construction of the greenhouse can be a plant growth environment, can be the greenhouse soil temperature, air temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and other parameters of automatic adjustment, so as to meet the needs of greenhouse crop growth and development, increase the output of greenhouse products, Significantly reduce the labor force.

Secondly, there is also a need to ensure the degree of automation of greenhouse shed construction, as far as possible to achieve a fully mechanized operation, so that external factors can be controlled to make biological growth relatively good, so that the external environment to meet the standard of qualified.

Another point to note is that the greenhouse engineering construction rain groove sealing, indoor use of zoning design, to ensure that the outdoor temperature -12℃, indoor temperature can reach at least 16 ℃.

The above content is Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. in the greenhouse engineering construction to explain the matters needing attention, I believe that the above introduction can provide you with help.

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