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Cleaning tips for a greenhouse in a large building

  Company GreenhouseThe shed is now more common in everyday applications, but because of the experience of wind and rain, it will also lead to some stains on the surface of the greenhouse shed, so in daily life, we also need to clean up the greenhouse shed in time.

The cleaning method of a greenhouse shed: the need of greenhouse shed we regularly clean up, even the greenhouse is not easy to clean up. Here Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. gave everyone a way to clean up, that is, with a slender bamboo pole, in the use of the head of the bamboo pole installed on a similar brush and other cleaning tools, and then with a sprinkler hose will spray water into the greenhouse of the meat is not, and then with a soft brush for paragraph by section of cleaning, to clean, Do not hurt the dust when the cleaning is complete, you can dry it.

Here the small part is for you to explain the greenhouse shed maintenance method: If the greenhouse shed film use time is too long or in the installation is not rigorous enough and other factors, there is relaxation. In the event of high winds, the film in the greenhouse will continue to beat up and Down under the action of the Wind. If the repair is not timely, there will be a large area of breakage. And for the Greenhouse shed film when the appearance of loosening should be timely to the greenhouse shed film clamping good. If we use a film that is damaged in a large greenhouse, we can do it in the following three ways:

1, directly change the shed film, with a new shed film to cover it;

2, the use of welding repair method, this method is more commonly used, the effect is also better;

3, the use of special plastic glue for the supplement, this method is more convenient, fast, the effect is also good.