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How to strengthen insulation measures in winter thin film greenhouse Shed

At the moment in our lives,Construction of thin film greenhouse shedIn use is still relatively common, because the agricultural development of people more and more like to use greenhouse shed for planting work, the emergence of greenhouse shed also let us eat fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, to meet the market demand for melon and fruit vegetables. However, when building greenhouses in winter, we also need to strengthen insulation measures.

The main measures of winter cold in the construction of thin film greenhouse are as follows:

1, in order to alleviate the damage of the plant, we can spray foliar fertilizer: Low temperature in winter, weak light in the greenhouse shed, with the reduction of crop root absorption capacity, you can spray two hydrogen phosphate solution on the surface of the blade, improve the sugar content and hardness of leaf pulp, improve the cold resistance of the plant, reduce the degree of frost damage.

2, second, we can also in the ventilation of shallow intercropping insulation and cold: in winter greenhouse construction, greenhouse ground hardening, daytime into the cultivation layer of hot air is limited, the soil heat storage capacity is low. In addition, the cracks in the hardened soil are large and deep. Before the middle of the night easy to dissipate heat, middle low temperature easy to cause frost damage. When ventilated, shallow tillage can break through cracks in the ground. This can control the transpiration of groundwater, take away heat, keep the seedlings warm and resist the cold.

3, the use of shed film on the film greenhouse cover to improve the temperature: to maintain the sealing of the greenhouse film, in the greenhouse built on the shed to build an intermediate shed or on the small vault shed to add insulation materials, the evening covered with film, the film covered with turf, in the greenhouse shed covered with plastic film, Using vegetation and plastic film as aprons around the bottom of the greenhouse shed can reduce the attack on the bottom cold air, while paying attention to clogging the gaps and minimizing the heat dissipation of the gaps. Set up the windshield, in the film greenhouse shed more use of the north, vegetable seedbed with crop straw piled into a windshield, cold wind.

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