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Five principles of constructing new greenhouse shed

We are buildingNew Greenhouse Shed, in order to ensure the quality of the new greenhouse shed, then, in the construction process, it is necessary to master the construction skills, in the formal construction in accordance with the formal process of operation. Next Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. here mainly for you to explain the six principles of building a new greenhouse shed.

1, in the construction of a continuous glass greenhouse before the roof, to choose the appropriate address. The site of the construction of the shed to a sufficient source of water, generally to have a shutter machine used in the power supply equipment, convenient transportation, in order to manage and product transport. Choose the open terrain, flat, or Chaoyang gentle slope of the place to build a shed, such a good place to light, high geothermal temperature, irrigation convenient and uniform.

2, second, also need to pay attention to the direction of glass greenhouse greenhouse. The orientation of the general greenhouse building should extend to the North and south, the side of the shed is oriented towards things, and the illumination in the shed is evenly distributed. The distance between the crown layer and its left and right sides is 2/3 of its height. The distance between the two sheds was too great to waste the land. Too near will affect the greenhouse transmittance and ventilation effect, it is not convenient to fix the canopy film and other operations.

3. No shed should be built on the vents to reduce heat loss and wind damage to the shed.

4, the greenhouse is built on the sandy soil of the sand, the warm land, is conducive to crop root growth. If the soil is too sticky, the river sand should be increased appropriately and more organic fertilizers should be used to improve it. Soil alkalinity is too large, before building to use acid fertilizer to improve, before building to improve.

5. Low-lying and waterlogged plots of land suggest that we should not build a new greenhouse, first dig drains and then carry out the construction of a new greenhouse shed; If the water table is too high, then it will be easy to reverse the slurry of the plot, to cushion some soil, raise the terrain after the construction of the shed. Otherwise, low geothermal temperature, too much soil moisture, is not conducive to crop root growth.