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Do the three-point new greenhouse, and you're not afraid of high winds.

In the arrival of spring, the north is always windy weather, the direction of the wind is uncertain, every time, will always cause damage to the greenhouse, to the vegetable farmers friends caused economic losses. Therefore, what we use for usThe new greenhouse shed shouldRepair and reinforcement, thereby increasing the resistance of greenhouses to strong winds.

1. Secure the lid of the roof of the new greenhouse shed.

When the shed film covers up, it is located at the top of the roof at a higher height, and when found close to the top, the top cover is triangular in the area of the rear roof, so it has to be fixed before and after.

For fixed grass curtains, there are two options:

(1) grass curtains in place, but to strengthen the fixed. The position of the grass curtains in the appropriate "danger zone", so to use a rope to secure it, can be one end of the wire rope tied to the top of the shed wall, one end of the wire rope tied to the film rope, while increasing the number of straw curtain soil bags on the north side.

(2) Add buns as a barrier at the top of the shed wall.

2. Strengthen the fixing of the shutter.

What is greatly affected by the wind is the pole type shutter machine. Fixed shutter machine note two places: with wire rope or pair pole, the pole fixed around. This will increase resistance to strong winds by pulling in four directions.

3. Due to membrane damage, the pressure inside and outside the canopy is unbalanced.

(1) When the film of the new greenhouse shed is destroyed, the southerly wind has a great influence on the canopy. This will cause the front of the shuttle mouth, especially the operation of the Reel sieve Machine, the damage to the film is serious.

(2) When the new greenhouse shed film is damaged or the vent is not closed, it is easy to cause the internal pressure of the canopy to be greater than the external pressure of the Crown layer, easy to bulging and break the Crown film. can be repaired with internal and external clamping. With adhesive paste retaining film repair, inside with dew on the film, cover a layer of plastic film can be.