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Four details to be noticed in sharing greenhouse engineering construction

Now, in our lives,Greenhouse EngineeringThe use of construction is becoming more and more common, the main reason is that the greenhouse can provide a good living environment for crops, winter can also protect the appropriate temperature, to meet crop growth. This is why the greenhouse engineering construction industry can develop rapidly.

However, when building greenhouses, we also need to pay attention to the following four points:

1, users in the greenhouse engineering construction, need to pay attention to do not build a shed in the nest, if you want to build in the nest place, then to play the ventilation channel and then to build a greenhouse shed, otherwise, we build the greenhouse project, due to poor ventilation, will lead to serious crop diseases, At the same time, too much snow in winter also has a damaging effect on the shed.

2, greenhouse engineering construction, as far as possible to choose sandy loam to build, the use of such soil geothermal ground is relatively high, such soil temperature use is conducive to the growth of crop root system. If the soil is too sticky, appropriate amount of river sand should be added, and more organic fertilizer should be applied to improve.

3, choose the site of greenhouse engineering construction as far as possible not to build a shed on the windward mouth, in order to reduce heat loss and wind damage to the shed.

4. Then, if it is a low-lying and waterlogged plot can not build a shed, first dig the drain and then build a shed, the water table is too high, easy to reverse the slurry of the plot, multi-pad soil, raise the terrain before the construction of the shed. Otherwise, low geothermal temperature, too much soil moisture, is not conducive to crop root growth.

The above four points is our greenhouse engineering construction should pay attention to the problem, in order to ensure the speed of construction, in the construction of greenhouses before the construction of building materials should be prepared in advance.