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Matters needing attention in the construction of tattoo glass greenhouse

       Tattoo Glass GreenhouseBecause of its strong transmittance and long use time and other advantages in recent years by People's love, as a commitment to glass greenhouse, intelligent greenhouse production and construction manufacturers-Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. here to share with you is about the construction of tattoo glass greenhouse need to pay attention to matters.

1, tattoo glass greenhouse in the construction, please pay attention to their own safety, wear a good helmet, to prevent being smashed, in the process of using the greenhouse, should promptly clean the greenhouse solar panels, in order to ensure the transmission rate of solar panels.

2, before the construction of the custody and maintenance: glass greenhouse glass should be stored in a dry, secluded place, away from water and sunlight. Try using vertical, wooden or rubber pads on the shelf. When stacking, a layer of paper or small pieces of wood should be placed between them, and when transported here, two pieces of glass are adsorbed together, banning water from each other, because the water film is difficult to evaporate between each other and absorbs its alkali composition. To deal with the road smooth, high, wide to leave room to use.

3, the construction process precautions: Before handling the glass, to ensure that there is no easy to break the edges or cracks. In construction work, do not let glass hit hard objects, under them do not pad hard objects, can be cushioned on wood blocks or rubber mats. Avoid welding sparks falling on the glass, but also to prevent paint, mortar pollution.

4, should use a soft rag or sea surface for cleaning, should not use a hard brush, or wire ball, to avoid scratching the composite shed board.

5, cleaning when the use of neutral detergent, to avoid the corrosion of composite shed board. When cleaning the composite shed, wash with 50 degrees Celsius warm water.

6, after cleaning, to clean the residual detergent on the composite shed board, do not have obvious water stains or detergent traces.