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Tattoo Glass Greenhouse
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Tattoo Glass Greenhouse
Tattoo Glass Greenhouse

Tattoo Glass Greenhouseis a relatively large number of greenhouse huts, with the changes in the agricultural industrial structure, the use of striatum glass greenhouse more and more. This greenhouse can be added to the logistics network elements, so that the greenhouse can be automatically adjusted, can achieve the environment conducive to crop growth: temperature, humidity, sunlight, water, fertilizer and so on.

The tattoo glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as its main covering and steel structure as a frame. Glass greenhouse used a wide variety of glass: single-layer float glass, single-layer glass, insulating glass, plastic glass and so on. The use of striatum glass greenhouses is now different, and the requirements for glass usage are not the same. Because the climatic conditions in each region are also different at the time of use, some glass greenhouses use a sun plate at the top to avoid the summer afternoon thunderstorms cracking the top glass.

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