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New Greenhouse Shed
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New Greenhouse Shed
New Greenhouse Shed

New Greenhouse ShedIn the establishment of the focus on the skills link, and we use the majority of people believe that the purpose of the greenhouse shed is to keep warm, generally casually set up can be done, but in fact, if the greenhouse shed is not reasonable, then will affect the entire greenhouse in the use of the process of robustness, if in the line, To hit the ground like this is better to play some, in fact, the establishment of greenhouse in the science and technology content is not low, is still a reasonable process of demand.

In the current user use of greenhouse shed to choose convenient transportation, convenient drainage, flat terrain, rich groundwater, soil deep and fat areas. In addition, the choice of new greenhouse shed is also more important. It is usually better to be north-south or slightly southwest. The North and south shed is about 3-5 meters away, used to dig ditches, water supply pipes, building roads and so on. The shed distance is on the root of the normal production, so that the higher the utilization rate of the land.