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Sunshine Plate Greenhouse
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Sunshine Plate Greenhouse
Sunshine Plate Greenhouse

Sunshine Plate GreenhouseIs the use of a span of multiple tops, visual fluency, elegant appearance, excellent insulation performance, moderate transmittance, rain ditch, large span, large displacement, strong wind resistance, suitable for wind and rain area. Solar Greenhouse has a good penetration, low thermal conductivity, because the sun plate light weight, long life, tensile strength, through a simple steel bone structure can meet the requirements of wind resistance, sun plate greenhouse use time is relatively long, can be a good reduction of repetitive construction and investment.

Top cover Polycarbonate hollow plate, outer layer anti-ultraviolet, inner layer anti-dew. Peripheral walls are traditionally required for polycarbonate hollow plates or glass. According to the different regional climatic conditions, in some cold areas, the north wall can be used insulation composite plate, can also be installed sliding window, increase the ventilation area of the greenhouse.