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Thin film Greenhouse Shed
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Thin film Greenhouse Shed
Thin film Greenhouse Shed

Thin film Greenhouse Shedis a single span structure with a small width and long length. The structure selection of greenhouse shed takes into account the planting mode of indoor crops, this greenhouse shed is analyzed from the structure force, the lateral wind resistance of the shed is strong, and the longitudinal wind resistance is weak.

Thin film greenhouse in the design and use of the two ends of the head column of the wind resistance strength will affect the use of the canopy structure of the wind resistance. In order to increase the overall wind resistance of the thin film greenhouse, it is generally required to have oblique support at both ends of the shed to support the roof of the gable column, in addition, each arch used in the film greenhouse should be firmly fixed foundation, no foundation of the arch Rod, the application of spiral anchor firmly fixed it in the ground soil.