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Thin film connected Greenhouse
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Thin film connected Greenhouse
Thin film connected Greenhouse

Thin film connected GreenhouseGenerally divided into a span double arch or a cross-arch greenhouse, this greenhouse cover material is generally selected for the canopy film. Compared with the simulations film greenhouse shed, there are many advantages in the use of thin film greenhouse, the internal space utilization rate of continuous film greenhouse is high, the use of long time, flexible structure, high degree of automation, large control space, easy to use and save time and effort.

The advantage of the structure of continuous thin film greenhouse is that it reduces the roof space, increases the building area, and the spacious interior space brings convenience for the user to realize mechanized production and operation. At the same time, the greenhouse winter insulation and the overall wind resistance has a significant impact. In winter and night, if used in combination with the insulation network, can prevent infrared leakage, reduce heat loss, reduce heating space, thus reducing the cost of greenhouse shed operation. The greenhouse is suitable for growing flowers and vegetable seedlings in most parts of China.