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Company Greenhouse
Company Greenhouse

Company GreenhouseIs the user in the process of upgrading and transformation of a greenhouse shed, is the original single-room greenhouse using a reasonable design, scientific means and materials will be the original single greenhouse together, combined into a large greenhouse. The continuous greenhouse has the following characteristics:

1, the use of space is much larger, very good use of the greenhouse shed space, the use of large areas far from the traditional greenhouse.

2, in the management of a continuous greenhouse compared to the traditional greenhouse to operate science, save time, improve the utilization rate.

Continuous greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, curved room top elegant, smooth view. The structure with small amount of steel, good insulation performance. This continuous greenhouse is suitable for most parts of China to use, and the southern region more choice of single-film Greenhouse, the northern region more use of double-layer membrane greenhouse, the use of double-layer inflatable film can improve the greenhouse insulation performance, saving operating costs.