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Simulations Greenhouse
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Simulations Greenhouse
Simulations Greenhouse

Simulations GreenhouseThe structure of the shed is simple in design, relatively low in cost, and it is suitable for wintering cultivation of hardy crops in warm temperate areas when used in winter without heating. The span has 6m,8m,10m cover and uses a single layer film.

The single greenhouse now used is a single-span greenhouse with steel as its skeleton, plastic film as transparent covering material and no environmental control equipment in the interior. Simple structure, low cost, is a good helper for vegetable farmers, fruit farmers, flower farmers, breeding users. Simulations greenhouse uses solar energy, has the insulation effect, and through the film can adjust the temperature and humidity in the range. Therefore, the plastic shed in the north of China, mainly plays the role of early spring, autumn delay insulation cultivation, the general spring can be 30-35 days in advance, autumn can be delayed by 20-25 days, but winter cultivation is not enough; in the south of China, plastic shed is not only used for the warm-up wintering cultivation of vegetables and flowers in winter and spring, It is also used for shading cooling in summer and autumn and for the cultivation of rain-proof, windproof and hail prevention facilities.