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Greenhouse Engineering
Greenhouse Engineering

Greenhouse EngineeringThe crops in the inner growth are not good, in addition to temperature, humidity, but also closely related to lighting. So how to do a good job in the lighting of the shed is very important.

We have to understand that the intensity of light can not be static but change, on the one hand, different varieties of crops on the need for light is different. On the other hand, the light in the shed has to be adjusted as the weather changes. On sunny days, the light outside is strong, and the light in the shed is significantly higher than cloudy and cloudy weather. At this time million can not be careless, sunny day when the intensity of light may burn the seedlings, to do a good job in the greenhouse shed shade work, so as to prevent the loss of strong light. And in cloudy or winter, due to the weak light intensity, users should pay attention to the use of lighting lamps to make up for the lack of greenhouse light, or can try to extend the daytime lighting time to ensure the need for crop growth. Of course, indoor lighting is also affected by other factors, so it is necessary to consider it in a comprehensive manner and make appropriate adjustments.