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What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of glass continuous greenhouse shed

  Glass connected GreenhouseThe shed is a new greenhouse in the past few years, and this greenhouse is transformed from a traditional greenhouse, which is better at the use of properties than the greenhouse shed we generally use, which is why people like to use a glass greenhouse in a large house. However, when we grow crops every day to use a large glass greenhouse, we have to carry out a good maintenance of it, so as to ensure its quality, play its good role.

At a later stage in the management and maintenance of the glass-connected greenhouse, we need to pay attention to the light transmittance of the greenhouse shed, because it is related to the lighting effect of the crops. As we all know, the application of glass-building greenhouse in our life is mainly used for the cultivation of flowers and vegetables and as a greenhouse with ornamental significance as a landscape greenhouse. If we want to protect the growth of crops, then we need to protect the lighting problem of greenhouses. Glass in the absence of pollution, in the greenhouse if the light is adequate, then such words on the growth and development of the plant is better, but with the glass in the greenhouse shed for a long time to use, the glass surface will be polluted by smoke dust, so that the glass transmittance drops, affecting the use. Therefore, the glass surface should be cleaned in time according to the degree of contamination of the glass to ensure normal light and normal plant growth in the greenhouse.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the problem of sealing problems, the management and maintenance of this work is important. Because the sealing problem of glass continuous greenhouse is directly affected by the problem of greenhouse energy consumption, so we must pay attention to carefully check all seals, seals sealing degree can be intact, and then the glue disposal part, can have cracking, skin aging and other phenomena, skylight, side window edge Part must be checked regularly, Find problems to be dealt with in a timely manner.