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How to deal with stuffy shed in the construction of tattoo glass greenhouse

We're here.Tattoo Glass GreenhouseBefore the construction process, in order to facilitate our construction of glass greenhouse, we need to prepare the tools to be used in the construction process, do a good job before the construction of some corresponding preparatory work. After the construction of glass greenhouse shed construction, we also need to pay attention to, generally after growing vegetables will appear soil germs, serious pest situation. Therefore, Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce you in the stuffy shed need to pay attention to the following matters:

1, tattoo glass greenhouse stuffy shed choice: One method is to close the ventilation after the crop is planted, and then carry on the high temperature stuffy shed; Another method is to carry out deep excavation, and then in the heavy irrigation after covering some plastic shed film, and then in the high temperature stuffy shed, these two methods at the same time to achieve a good stuffy shed effect.

2, second, in our choice of stuffy shed time to have some attention point: to choose the weather fine time to carry out stuffy shed, after the construction of the tattoo glass greenhouse, after the vegetable harvest on its continuous stuffy shed treatment, if there are more germs then can prolong the time of the stuffy shed, to deal with the harm of the bacteria to deal with the effect.

3. At the time of planting, we can also lay turf in the glass greenhouse shed to reduce pests and diseases to a greater extent.

4. In addition, we can also inhibit the transpiration of surface water by laying turf in the striatum glass greenhouse, reduce the air humidity, and cut the propagation of germs.

The above content is the glass greenhouse shed construction manufacturers for everyone to sort out the way of the shed stuffy shed and pay attention to the matter, I hope the above content can provide you with help.