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Detail sharing to be noticed in building glass-building greenhouse greenhouses

There are now more and more kinds of greenhouses in our lives,Glass connected GreenhouseThe shed is the most popular greenhouse in the present. Glass continuous greenhouse shed can not only play a very good insulation effect, at the same time good has a good aesthetic effect, which is also the glass building greenhouse shed in life by the majority of users love the reason.

However, we need to pay attention to the following points when building a glass-building greenhouse shed:

1, in the construction of glass continuous greenhouse, we need to laminating to protect. During the day the Sun is exposed, the area receiving temperature is covered by the film, and the surface of the night radiator is also covered by the film. Because of the large covering area of the membrane, the insulation coverage of the membrane is more important. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection of the film cover of the Shed.

2. Second, when we build a glass-connected greenhouse, we can also make an appropriate increase in the span and thickness of the built glass-building greenhouse. This will require only a small increase in investment, which will allow the indoor area to expand a lot. For example, for greenhouses 100 meters long and 10 meters wide, if you extend 1 meters south, the available area will increase by 11%.

3, in the construction of glass continuous greenhouse, in order to facilitate the improvement of soil use temperature, we built a semi-underground inspection area. In the construction of glass continuous greenhouse, indoor furrow surface is less than 40cm lower than outdoor ground, indoor soil temperature reduction is slower than outdoor, so that the glass continuous greenhouse insulation effect is better.

4, in the construction of glass continuous greenhouse shed, in general, the back slope is facing the north, the posterior slope elevation is built about 45 degrees, can enhance the rear slope of the light storage capacity, enhance the thermal insulation.