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Eco Restaurant Greenhouse
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Eco Restaurant Greenhouse
Eco Restaurant Greenhouse

Eco Restaurant GreenhouseEvolved from a growing greenhouse, its use is characterized by the planting or decoration of plants, flowers, and the construction of landscapes in restaurants.

Most of the eco-greenhouse restaurants now used are a greenhouse building that combines agriculture and catering to food and beverage, as a supplement to the landscape, so that the convenience and lightness of the greenhouse can be skillfully integrated into the functionality of the building, so that when eating, there is a natural environment full of green, comprehensive use of architecture, landscaping, Facilities horticulture, ecology and other related disciplines of knowledge planning, design and construction. Eco-Restaurant Greenhouse is an agronomic cultivation technology and facilities control technology to maintain the restaurant environment, so that the formation of green landscape plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, grass as a supplement to the plant configuration pattern, and also combined with the rockery, Bamboo Pavilion, small bridge water landscape, so that the ecological restaurant greenhouse has catering function, viewing function, Leisure function, entertainment function, energy saving function and so on.