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Detailed explanation of functional characteristics of thin film continuous greenhouse

Now useThin film connected GreenhouseMore and more users, the use of more and more common, Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce some detailed description of the film company Greenhouse, film connected greenhouse is suitable for most parts of China, the northern region is more inclined to choose double-layer membrane greenhouse, the south is more inclined to choose single-film Greenhouse. After the expansion of the double-layer film, a thicker airbag can be formed, which can effectively prevent heat loss, prevent cold air intrusion, good insulation performance, low cost of winter work.

First, the film connected greenhouse according to the requirements of the user can be supporting the table shade system, fan water curtain forced cooling system, internal insulation system, heating equipment, spray and perhaps sprinkler irrigation equipment, pure water treatment equipment and intelligent control system.

1, thin film connected to the Greenhouse table shade: The use of transmission arrangements, push and pull the screen switch. Summer Time Open the table shade, external shade filter out most of the bright light, so that the shelter inside the plant will not burn. The inner shadow spreads light evenly through diffuse reflection.

2, Fan water curtain: Through the fan outward wind to form a negative pressure, forcing the airflow through the water curtain into the greenhouse cooling, and then play the role of cooling. Outdoor temperature in the hot summer is 35 degrees 6 degrees, after cooling through the wet curtain can be flexibly reduced to 26 degrees 7 degrees.

3, internal insulation system: through the transmission system, the waterproof quilt installed in the outdoor shade, can be opened in winter night, the formation of insulation layer.

4, heating equipment: The greenhouse generally choose finned tube heating and heating fan heat. The heating temperature of the finned tube heats up slowly, but the temperature is constant, which is a common heating equipment in the shed. The heater heats up quickly and cools fast.