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The difference between a large film greenhouse and a solar plate greenhouse

We are now using a large film greenhouse and a solar plate greenhouse, we can compare the materials used in both, PCSunshine Plate GreenhouseThe shed is the use of PC board, not only the appearance of relatively good, and the use of a relatively long life, but the use of plastic film in the use of about two years to replace, you can see that the PC board saves time and effort.

Secondly, the use of sunlight plate greenhouse when saving resources is also what we are now initiating, can be compared from the energy-saving majors, plastic film thermal conductivity to exceed the PC board a lot, so briefly lose heat.

Then the contrast is the impact resistance of the two, the impact resistance of the two who are good is clear, a PC board of a-sun board, with "not Broken glass" and "ring steel" of the name. and the Sun plate greenhouse at 100 degrees Celsius does not attack cold crisp, at 135 degrees Celsius will not soften.

Fire is in any environment should pay attention to prevent accidents, so after all, we can compare the flame retardancy and fire resistance, through inspection, PC Sun Board greenhouse attributed to refractory B, from the fire self-extinguishing, and will not attack toxic gases, will not expand the fire extension, PC board greenhouse shed has a relatively superior fire resistance. But plastic film fire is burning, we can often see because the film shed caused farmers to throw away a lot of the amount of homework attack.

Through the above comparison between the two products we do not difficult to see that the PC Sun plate greenhouse is indeed suitable for winter for the vegetable greenhouse in the use of the greenhouse shed, I believe that in the future development process it will gradually replace the traditional plastic film greenhouse shed.