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Three points needing attention when building a greenhouse shed

We need to grow crops in construction.Company GreenhouseShed, because the beginning of use of the greenhouse shed is not very understanding, and thus the production of the products we grow have a corresponding impact, so we use when we have to understand some of the things in the greenhouse shed.

The transmittance of the greenhouse is good, the transmittance is the basic index of the transmittance of the greenhouse, the transmittance refers to the percentage of light penetrating and outdoor lighting in the greenhouse, and the transmittance of the greenhouse is affected by the corresponding influence of the transmittance material, and the transmittance of the greenhouse in different seasons will vary with the angle of solar radiation. The level of transmittance will be a direct factor in the growth of crops and the selection of plant species.

When using a greenhouse, we should pay attention to the insulation performance, reduce the energy consumption of the greenhouse, improve the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse, is to improve the efficiency of the greenhouse production method to determine, the greenhouse insulation performance is more important than the intention of the greenhouse insulation performance indicators, Greenhouse thermal insulation thermal resistance is less than refers to the greenhouse cover area of lighter materials and thermal resistance of the greenhouse cover area of the cooperation area is greater than the sum of the maintenance structure, thermal insulation performance is better than also suggest that the larger the greenhouse.

The durability of greenhouse in a greenhouse is a problem to be considered in the construction of greenhouse shed. The durability of greenhouse is affected by the anti-aging properties of greenhouse materials. The main structural factors of bearing capacity, such as the greenhouse effect, the durability of transmittance materials in addition to their own strength is also the material transmittance attenuation, long and transmittance attenuation degree of determining factors affecting the service life of transmittance materials, because the greenhouse has been running for a long time in high temperature and high humidity environment, building surface anticorrosion is one of the important factors affecting the service life