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Can the continuous film greenhouse be transformed into an ecological restaurant greenhouse?

About whether a double film greenhouse can be doneEco Restaurant Greenhouse。 This problem is not good answer, because of normal circumstances, even the film greenhouse because of the problem of drip dew is more serious, there is no way to use in the ecological restaurant greenhouse. People often call to inquire about the money, because of the problem of funds, want to use a thin film to make an ecological restaurant greenhouse, so the summary of such an article, is also a kind of explanation for such customers.

First, explain what is the ecological restaurant greenhouse, and what is the structure of the normal ecological restaurant greenhouse. Greenhouse Type Ecological restaurant in full accordance with the structure of the standard greenhouse, more use of Venlo, the top cover-up data for the PC Sun board, more than four weeks for a single layer or double insulating glass. Greenhouse structure insulation performance is good, neat standards, indoor space temperature uniformity, conducive to the greenhouse restaurant in the scene of the growth of plants. In view of the needs of catering layout, on the basis of the VENLO greenhouse structure, partial adjustment can be made. This type of greenhouse rise and cool energy consumption is low, saving the late operation cost.

In the nine years of planning for the creation of greenhouse projects, personal planning has created a number of greenhouse ecological restaurant structure, but also watched a number of ecological restaurant greenhouse structure, its structure of the original type of the tree is mostly Venlo-style connected PC Sun Plate (glass) greenhouse structure. At that time saw a continuous film greenhouse used in the ecological restaurant greenhouse.

Even a thin film greenhouse is originally engaged in planting, breeding and flowers of the greenhouse type, because the drip problem is more serious, so Henan used in the ecological restaurant greenhouse. But even a film greenhouse can do ecological restaurant greenhouse, why this problem is not good answer, because can not generalized. If used in the area south of the Yangtze River, the problem is not big, just adhere to good ventilation, even in winter can also drop the drip problem, so that the problem of drip dew, and the southern region of the snow is very small, so even a thin film greenhouse can be planned into an ecological restaurant greenhouse. But in the northern region, the summer drip problem is not big, but in the winter. In winter, due to the room temperature difference is relatively large, indoor drip problem is very serious, difficult to deal with. Once ventilated, it will cool down the indoor temperature, indoor ornamental green plant may freeze to death, so in the northern region does not recommend the formation of a film greenhouse to form an ecological restaurant greenhouse.