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Notes on the construction of glass continuous greenhouse shed

      Glass connected GreenhouseThe construction of the shed has a direct impact on our later use, so the construction of the glass continuous greenhouse should be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, in order to ensure the quality of the building of a glass greenhouse, we need to pay attention to the following points in the construction of the shed.

The skeleton used in the construction of glass continuous greenhouse is welded and machined with hot-dip galvanized steel, and the skeleton and fittings are welded in the factory, so that the galvanized layer used will be destroyed, so the skeleton factory is required to return to the factory two times after welding to plant galvanized treatment. Only through this process, can we improve the anticorrosion and service life of greenhouse skeleton.

The construction of the greenhouse shed used in the processing of skeletons and sinks, connectors, sink brackets and other materials, the use of the error range as far as possible not more than 2mm, otherwise there will be a skeleton connection is not tight, affecting the aesthetics and the use of the greenhouse effect.

At present, many greenhouse engineering companies use workers to build greenhouse shed is not very good, did not accept the construction of formal skills training, in the installation process when the details are not in place, it is easy to cause greenhouse leakage, leakage and other problems.

Qingzhou Yihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. can not only for customers to process greenhouse skeletons, but also their own installers, to provide customers with greenhouse processing and installation services. Our company through continuous development has accumulated experience, in the construction of greenhouse can be in accordance with the local topography, use needs, monsoon climate and other aspects, reasonable design of greenhouse height, span, roof direction, basic practices, etc., to ensure the use of a glass greenhouse shed effect and life.

In the process of building a glass greenhouse, we should determine the specification and thickness of the skeleton used according to the wind load, hanging load and other factors, not blindly choose, nor blindly reduce the cost to choose the inferior skeleton, so as not to avoid danger in the process of use.