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How to reasonably construct the spacing arrangement of the continuous greenhouse

Today here for you to say that in the constructionCompany GreenhouseThe spacing arrangement should be reasonable, then how to carry on the reasonable arrangement? If the design of the gap between the greenhouse is unreasonable, it will have an impact on the greenhouse lighting and ventilation, so reasonable layout spacing for the greenhouse construction is very important, let's see how to make a reasonable arrangement.

When building a continuous greenhouse in the southern region, drains are often planned between two plastic sheds, so that the gap between the huts should be around 1m. With regard to the relatively solid northern region, the spacing between the huts can be extended to about 2m, and the determination of isolation between the solar greenhouses before and after the greenhouse should not affect the lighting of the posterior greenhouse in the previous greenhouses as the principle.

Hilly areas can be used to build a continuous greenhouse, in order to shorten the greenhouse spacing, save land resources. However, we should pay attention to the Earth balance and determine the reasonable interval of the greenhouse according to the size of the slope. The plain area should at least ensure that the sun 10 o'clock in the morning at the time of the culture can shine to the forefront of the greenhouse. In other words, the greenhouse in the light of weak time to ensure that more than 4h of back-to-back useful light, generally should 5~6h a useful lighting moment. For the cold winter greenhouse for the daily light can not meet the situation, the demand for artificial light to produce the winter production, at this time the cultivation of these crops will have to skip the winter light time short time before planting. For the greenhouses of these cultured crops, the spacing between their greenhouses can also be determined in accordance with the practice production requirements described above.

The interval between the greenhouses is mainly determined by the width of the road between the greenhouses and the ventilation intervals between the greenhouses. General production of the two greenhouses between the width of the road between the 6-8m, considering the width of the drains on both sides of each greenhouse, the average gap between the two greenhouses should be maintained above 8m, this interval is basically satisfied with the greenhouse ventilation or fan-wet curtain cooling system needs.